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  • Photographs on the left show the Executive Building in Murray St Hobart (top) Parliament House with the stately 1960's State Offices at 10 Murray Street* behind, and the Commonwealth Law Courts in Davey St. The Commonwealth Law Courts provide hearing rooms and courts for the Family Court, The Federal Magistrates Court and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The Supreme Court of Tasmania is in Salamanca Place and the Magistrates Court in Liverpool Street, Hobart.
  • The courts are open to the public and lists of hearings can be found at the following pages;
  • Supreme Court
  • Magistrates Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • AAT
  • If you have to go to court and you can't afford a lawyer you need some help. You can enroll in the Law course at University. I completed a Law Degree in 2012. If you intend to go to court you need inside information to help, you probably need a lawyer but to get the best out of a lawyer you still need some information about what it takes to make a winnable case. You have online access to Australian legislation and case law at and , reading like cases can help you work out if you should take action or not. Employ a lawyer on $300 or more per hour by all means but also learn some of the basics for yourself. You must understand what it takes to make out a sustainable CAUSE OF ACTION. The letter you have which you thought 'made' your case may not be admissible EVIDENCE, and a whole lot more. You need some understanding of basic concepts. You have a lot to lose if you are attempt to get what you think is JUSTICE when you are un-prepared.

Courts and legal processes can be a little daunting for those are unfamiliar with the system. You can get some idea of how it works by reading about it. A good place to start is a free flowchart available here. Many of the free tips have application in Australia and might help you to decide what to do here. Obviously US court rules are not applicable here, but the equivalent rules for the Supreme Court of Tasmania can be found here. Similar rules and legislation govern the operation of the Magistrates Court and the Federal Court.

The other thing which either specifies how the courts must respond is indicated in cases already decided. You find all Australia Legislation and most applicable cases at Austlii.

Please bookmark this page as a ready reference.

A list of Tasmanian lawyers can be found below.

  • Representation
    Legal representation in civil and criminal matters
  • list of Tasmanian legal practitioners:
  • Barristers
  • Barristers and Solicitors
    what is the difference? Tasmania has what's called a 'fused' profession. That means a lawyer may act as a solicitor and barrister. However, specialist knowledge is required in many situations where legal action is required. Any one of the lawyers on the list will refer you to a specialist if that is necessary. Solicitors generally 'brief' barristers in a similar way to how a Doctor might refer you to a specialist.
  • Legal Aid (their site is here)
    If you can't afford to pay for legal representation there are three alternatives; Legal Aid, Self Representation and Pro Bono.
    If you are charged with a criminal offence and arrested you may be taken to the remand centre in Hobart. If you qualify for Legal Aid, you may elect to engage the duty legal officer at the court, OR (and this might be an important choice) you can decline to be represented by Legal Aid itself and elect to choose your own legal practitioner who will then be paid by Legal Aid. So it's a bit like choosing your own Doctor in a public hospital. The government may pay for your legal representation, but this doesn't mean you MUST choose a solicitor from Legal Aid itself. You MAY choose your own, provided of course that lawyer is available, and prepared to assist you at the time.
  • The Supreme Court of Tasmania Hobart Registry
  • The Supreme Court of Tasmania Criminal Court
  • The Supreme Court of Tasmania Civil Court
  • Andrew Inglis Library
  • Parliament House
  • Commonwealth Law Courts Davey Street Hobart
    Family Court of Australia
    Federal Magistrates Court
    Administrative Appeals Tribunal

*It is hard for many people to believe but the State Government decided that this lovely building was to be demolished to make way for a Federation Square style TV screen. The Heritage Council of Tasmania seems only interested in buildings which are made of sandstone. This lack of foresight will probably be lamented in years to come. Too much of our built heritage has been lost to the wrecking ball.

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