Salamanca Place is the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart

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The Original Guide to Salamanca and the Market

The list of stallholders and the centrefold map will help you figure out who is where and where you are but the only thing is the stallholders move around a bit so the list and the map will never correlate exactly. Its an attempt to represent the lay of the land. Also remember that about 20% of the stallholders are casual and may not be there every week, the demand may be such that they don't get a spot. That means the stall you're looking for is just not there. Many of the stallholders produce as much as they can during the week and only have items for sale at the market and this may be their only outlet. In that case it is hard to find some items except at the market as stallholders are not geared up to produce and sell more than what they make for the market.

If you are seeking an item, and you think we might be able to help would you please fill in the form here and it will be passed on to a range of contacts who will often be able to help but not always.

Contributions in the form of photos or comments are welcome so please email me if you want something included here or have a suggestion.

all the best,

Kelvin Markham Ph 0419 152 612

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