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please note that stalls were re-numbered in December 2011.


Stall 309 - Huon silks

We're Tasmanian silk and wool painters.  Our silk, dyes and wool are of a high quality. Our scarves are hand-painted individually on large screens, dried, then steamed to set the dyes.  Dave enjoys designing and drawing Tasmanian animals and gum leaves onto scarves while Sue specializes in blending the background colours for him.

Our scarves are sent around the world - the are lightweight, handmade by us and unique. The woollen scarves are longer than the silk scarves and come in beautiful, rich colours.

Visit us - we're opposite the woodfired bread van, the Pearl jewellery stall and the Olliebollen and ginger beer stalls.

 We have 2 months off during winter so email first to check if we're there.

Products:- handpainted silk and wool scarves, cards, glasses cases, scrunchies, silk purses, ribbons.  Contact 03 6229 7994 Handicrafts.


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