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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Cape Huay is without a dout one of Tasmania’s best days walks. Located about an hour and 40 minutes from Hobart this walk is about 9.5 kilometres return and can be completed in 3 to 4 hours. This track is 188 meters above the starting point at its highest point in altitude and is a moderate to easy walk

Last weekend my family and I drove down to fortescue bay and completed the Cape Huay walk. This was my second time doing the walk. After we drove into fortescue bay we parked in the first car park (which is accessible with both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles)

Once we arrived we walked along on a track which followed the waterfont for about 5/10 minutes. Until we reached the beginning point of the Cape Huay track from here we continued along the track though the trees listening to the birds and admiring nature. We soon came along a couple beautiful wooden posts with a sign for the three capes track on it which were surrounded by some large rocks and a couple huge abalone shells. So naturally I had to stop and take a couple photos we then continued on walking up and down over a few ridges. Taking it all in after a while we came across a seating area on top of one of the ridges nestled amongst the trees. We continued on walking past after not to long we came a cross a clearing in the trees which gave us our first glimpse of the cape. It was an incredible sight especially considering the perfect weather and the clear blue skies. So of course we had to stop again for some photos.

We continued on from here walking downhill till we reached the clearing. Once we were though the trees we stopped and admiried the view and I got my drone out and got some incredible photos and a couple really cool videos. (shown at the bottom of the page) After walking about another 500m I came across a snake on the path sunbathing. Which was a bit of a fright but it just slithered away off the path. So I waiting for the fam to catch up before continuing. From this point in the walk we were surrounded by bushes and shrubbery which meant that we got a beautiful view of all the surrounding cliffs and water. Along with a wonderful view of fortesuce bay and off to the right in the fair distance you could make out what I believe was a lighthouse atop a cliff. We continued on walking to the lookout at the end of the track and the view was well worth the walk we stopped and hung out for awhile and took some photos. Then we doubled back about 500m and stopped in an area that was sheltered from the wind but still had a wonderview. We sat here on a boulder and had some lunch we had packed some triple brie and some walnut and date biscuits along with some olives and had a great time eating and admiring the view. Once we ate all our biscuits and cheese we continued the walk back to the carpark. the walk took us 3 hours a 16 minutes including all of our breaks and my Apple Watch read that we walked 11 kilometers all up.

Overall the cape huay walk was an incredible experience and i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to one weekend in tasmania. I was really impressed with the quailty of the track and you could see that its well looked after and maintained. I would definitely do the Cape Huay Walk again a third time.


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